Throughout the years Debra Graugnard has touched the lives of many. Creating the Joyfully Living Store allows her to share her thoughtful designs and poignant digital products.


Debra helps people world-wide to discover the health they want, the joy they deserve and the love that they are!


Her journey began with the “incurable” diseases of hypoglycemia, fibrocystic disease and ulcerative colitis, which led her on a journey to find healing for the body, mind, heart & spirit.

Debra is a spiritual healing practitioner, teacher, writer and blogger. She holds a Master of Divinity in Spiritual Healing & Counseling and studied with a Sufi Guide and Master Healer from Jerusalem for 20 years.

She founded The Community for Conscious Living, an online community dedicated to healing the planet through Personal Transformation for Universal Harmony. Debra established Joyfully Living Wellness, her private practice, where she works with individuals in private sessions, and with groups in online programs, workshops and retreats.

The Joyfully Living Store is an extension of the incredibly rich journey that culminated in the understanding that our bodies are sacred vessels for the divine spirit and love. With the journey of healing and wholeness, connected to divine source, we experience joy. It is her passion to support others to heal their bodies, hearts, minds and spirits and to have immeasurable joy along the way! You are invited to join her.

For more about Debra’s programs and services visit her website